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Finestrelle NaturAvventura Park Finestrelle NaturAvventura Park The Finestrelle NaturAvventura Park was born from the unshakeable will of three environmental experts, Adriana, Roberta and Manuel, in wanting to stay in their own territory to fight to make their dreams come true. After many years as environmental educators, environmental hiking guides and environmental consultants, the three of them decide to invest in an innovative idea: to create the first Environmental Education Center with a 100% safe Adventure Park in western Sicily.

Thanks to the latest technologies available, the Adventure Park adopts a state-of-the-art CONTINUOUS LIFELINE system on all acrobatic routes in the park. In addition, thanks to the use of “nest” nets, it was possible to create a completely safe path of little houses on trees for younger children (aged 3 years and over). The three-way climbing tower is equipped with a certified automatic safety system (auto-belay) that allows a slow and constant fall that eliminates the need for a rope companion to guarantee safety.

The environmental education center is the seat of the CEA La Poiana, an association operating for several years in the territory and a member of the board of directors of the CEA Sicily, is among the best equipped and is set up for didactic, didactic-scientific activities and educational games, for all school and extra-school levels. The staff is trained through professional training certified and recognized by AIGAE (Ass Ital. Environmental Hiking Guides) and by adopting the INFEA standards.

Along with safety, the park’s other primary directive is sustainability in a broad sense. The park structures have been built in the least impactful way possible (mostly in wood) and are FSC certified for over 90%. Many of the furnishings are made by recycling wood from forest management operations, while other part of this material is used for naturalistic and recycling laboratories. Rainwater is collected and used for garden management. The park itself is an environmental education center where users will be directed towards more eco-compatible behaviors, allowing them to rediscover a more natural relationship with trees and woods. The park is proposed as a central node of a network of collaborations with the activities present in the area in order to implement the philosophy that the park has given itself: “local development and global sustainability”

Il parco si propone come nodo centrale di una rete di collaborazioni con le attività del comprensorio al fine di mettere in atto la filosofia che il parco si è data: “sviluppo locale e sostenibilità globale”




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